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Student Visa


Student Visa

PRE-ENROLMENT for non-EU students living outside Italy

All students who wish to enrol in degree courses at Italian universities must:
1) Schedule an appointment with the Consular Chancery by registering through the following website: 
Please use the option “Study – University Enrolment”.

2) Submit the pre-enrolment application at the Consular Chancery (Jávor Utca 4 – 1143 Budapest).
Please note: The deadline for submitting applications is 24/07/2019.

In order to allow the interested parties to submit the pre-enrolment application, Italian universities advertise the list of places that each course reserves to foreign students who require a visa. The list of places reserved for foreign students is published on the following website
Enrolment to admission tests to Master's Degree courses (“Laurea Magistrale”) such as Medicine and surgery, Medicine and surgery in English (where activated), Dentistry, and Veterinary medicine, takes place according to the procedures described in the portal .
The procedures relating to pre-enrolment in Master's courses (other than the normal university degree “Laurea Magistrale”), PhD, specialization courses and preparatory courses, DO NOT follow the deadlines set for enrolment in undergraduate and postgraduate courses; different deadlines and procedures may be established by the university.

Documents to be attached to the pre-enrolment application
1) Two Forms "A”. The forms must be filled in capital letters in all their parts. The forms must be signed in the presence of the consular officer:
- For courses in Italian click here.
- For courses in English click here.
Note: In the Form, indicate only one of the study courses in the list of available places. For courses that include a single national access test (Medicine and Surgery, Dentistry, Veterinary Medicine), the pre-enrollment application must be considered submitted also for all the other Universities indicated at the time of enrollment in the test.

2) Valid passport. A copy of the page where the personal data are listed is necessary.

3) Residence Permit valid in Hungary with expiration date no earlier than 31/12/2019. A recto/verso copy is necessary.

Note: If the Residence Permit in Hungary has an expiration date prior to 31/12/2019, contact the Embassy of Italy present in the student's country of origin. The Embassy will inform you about the possibility to apply for a visa with them, even having submitted the pre-enrolment application to another Italian Diplomatic Representation.

4) Two passport-size photos in colour (35x40 mm).
5) Language certification:
- For the courses in Italian, at least a B2 level of the Common Reference Framework for language proficiency (CELI, CILS) is necessary. The aforementioned certification is accepted only if issued by one of the following institutions:
• University for Foreigners of Siena;
• University for Foreigners of Perugia;
• University Roma 3;
• Società “Dante Alighieri”
Please note that in Budapest, at the Italian Institute of Culture, it is possible to sit an exam to obtain the aforementioned certification issued by the University for Foreigners of Perugia.
- For the courses in English, an appropriate certification of knowledge of the English language is necessary. The level of language knowledge attested should not be inferior to what may be established by the Italian University for the chosen degree course.
6) IMAT (International Medical Admissions Test) Registration Receipt.
7) Declaration of Value of the degree required for enrolment at universities in Italy. The Declaration of Value must be issued by the Diplomatic/Consular Representation of Italy present in the country in which the degree was issued.
If the required degree was issued in Hungary, the Declaration of Value will be issued by this Embassy of Italy: .
In this case, the student will have to produce, in addition to the required documentation, a certificate stating that the College/University/Institution that issued the degree is recognized by the Hungarian Ministry of Education.

For enrolment in First Level degree courses (three years, Bachelor’s Degree) or Single Cycle degree programs (five or six years), the student must hold a secondary school diploma obtained with at least 12 years of schooling, which allows access to the University in the country of origin.
For enrolment in non-Single Cycle Master's Degree courses (the so-called “Laurea Magistrale”, two years), other Master's courses or PhD, the student must hold a degree obtained at a University (or a post-secondary qualification obtained in a non-university Higher Institute), which would allow the continuation of higher studies in the country where the degree was released.

8) ONLY FOR NON-SINGLE CYCLE “LAUREA MAGISTRALE”, MASTER’S COURSES AND PHD: Certificate issued by the competent University certifying the exams that has been passed (Transcript of Records) as well as the detailed program of each individual exam (Diploma Supplement). For more information visit the following websites:  /  (section “students”=> “foreign students).




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